Projects Page for 9th Grade

Programming & Design Semester 2

Make a website

This website will be 20% of my overall grade.


Karel is a website that helps you learn programming : My account on Karel

EV3 Robots

1. Making EV3 Robots and program them to play sound and display a image on the display.

2. Challenge 2 : Straight Move, Curved Move, Tank Move, Move Object, Stop at a line, Stop at an angle, and Stop at an object.

3. Challenge 3 : Refer to Challenge Map here! Keep one tire between the guide lines and drive the entire course.

Google Slides Animation

Personal Projects


NickOBot is a twitter bot using twitter4j. Programming langage is java.


Chrome Extension Keylogger with login.

20Nick Chrome Extention

When clicked it will take you to my website.

Github chrome extension

Top Secret

Top Secret is a webpage that starts 10,000 of the same websites.

Hoodie Guy!